About Us

Solar Flow is a Melbourne based company dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and striving for excellence in all areas of water and energy conservation, such as rainwater tanks and solar hot water systems.  Solar Flow is committed to operating in a moral and socially responsible way with the highest importance given to the protection and improvement of the natural environment.

Solar Flow was started by two young social entrepreneurs who were interested in creating a company that provided positive impact environmental solutions. Over a cup of Kashmiri Tea (email us if you want the recipe!) in India in early 2007 the idea was born to deliver urban water management and solar solutions to customers who were looking for something more than a short term band-aid fix to what are long term problems.

Through the journey of transforming ideas into reality and creating a company that we believe contributes to a better world, we decided that it was important that we also invested back into the community that provides us with our livelihood. Solar Flow is committed to investing 5% of our after tax profits Back into the community and we have decided to evenly distribute the funds to the following Non Profit Organisations.

Engineers Without Borders Australia


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Please contact us if you would like to recommend another organisation to support.