Rain Water Tanks

Catching and storing rainwater is a fantastic way to keep your garden alive, flush your toilet, fill your washing machine and lower your consumption of mains water.

Solar Flow can design and install a custom rainwater tank system that will maximise your ability to harvest rain and meet your future water needs.

With a huge range of steel, plastic and bladder options available, let Solar Flow show you what is possible in urban water management.

White Rainwater tank

How It Works

Rain Water Tanks from Solarflow

  • A rainwater tank is installed alongside your house, in your garden, underground or under decking.
  • Rain falls from the sky.
  • The rainwater flows from the roof into the guttering, and then into a downpipe.
  • Depending on the size of the tank, one or multiple downpipes are diverted to the rainwater tank.
  • The water pours into the top of the tank through a mesh filter screen.
  • When the tank is full the overflow feeds back into the existing stormwater system.
  • The water is stored until needed.
  • Water can be gravity fed from your tank onto the garden.
  • Alternatively a pressure pump can be used to pump pressurised water to garden taps or into the house for toilet flushing and laundry use.


Product Options

Solar Flow uses high quality products with known performance records and extended warranties. The added bonus of choosing one of our tanks is that they are all Australian made!

Click on the following links to explore the many different water storage options available:

Plastic Tanks remain Melbourne’s most popular choice for water tanks due to their cheap construction cost, light weight, and longevity. All Weather Tanks come with a 10 year warranty and remains one of our preferred suppliers. They are available in a huge range of sizes and colours.

Steel water tanks constructed from Colorbond by Tankworks are the most versatile tank system on the market. Due to their rigid structure sizing can be customised to fit any space and their shape options of round, slimline or square means there is a tank to suit and space. Their availability in the full Colorbond colour range means they can also match an architectural paint scheme as well. Tankworks water tanks come with an industry leading 20 year corrosion warranty.

Bladder Systems offer under deck or house storage solutions when backyard space may not be available. They can be sized to fit most under-deck or under house spaces. The team at Eco-Sac in Sydney make the best bladders in the business and we are proud to say we have been installing them for over 8 years now without a single issue!

Every water tank installation requires a different solution. Through our free on-site consultation service Solar Flow will determine the most suitable and cost effective products to suit each specific job.

Rebate Information

There are Victorian Government rebates available for installing rainwater tanks as well as various community group grants.

Rebates are available for watertanks that meet the relevant criteria (size and reticulation back into the house) and are installed by a licensed plumber.

The maximum rebate of $1,000  is available when you have over 4,000L of rainwater storage connected to a toilet and laundry. Please contact the relevant departments for further information on all Victorian Government rebates.

Or contact us for any specific information requirements.

Recent Water Tank Projects

Some of our recent water tank installations:

Nth Fitzroy.

IMGP0711IMGP0710 IMGP0709

Burnley Golf Course.

Burnley golf course.

The Penny Black, Brunswick.

Penny Black.


3,700 litre custom made steel slimline water tank with two garden taps and a pump that provides water to a pop-up sprinkler system.


2,170 litre custom made steel slimline water tank connected to one garden tap for front and back yard access.


Two 2,500 litre (5,000 litres in total) Team Poly slimline water tanks connected to a toilet and washing machine.

$1000 government rebate was available on this job.


1750 litre stainless steel round water tank connected to a garden tap and a washing machine.

$500 government rebate was available on this job.


Two 13,500 litre Team Poly watertanks installed to give a total of 27,000 litres which is connected to five garden taps, the washing machine and the toilet.

$1000 government rebate was available on this job.


4,300 litre Eco-sac bladder under a deck with 1 garden tap.


92,000 Litre Pioneer Water Tank built onsite and connected to the toilet, laundry and an extensive garden irrigation system.


Two 3,500 litre water tanks under a new deck connected to a garden tap, and the toilet and laundry.


28,000 litres of combined storage using under house bladders connected to 2 garden taps, sprinkler system and one toilet.

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