Rain Water Tanks

Product Options

Solar Flow uses high quality products with known performance records and extended warranties. The added bonus of choosing one of our tanks is that they are all Australian made!

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Plastic Tanks remain Melbourne’s most popular choice for water tanks due to their cheap construction cost, light weight, and longevity. They are available in a huge range of sizes and colours.

Metal Tanks constructed from Colorbond steel by Tankworks are the most versatile tank system on the market. Due to their rigid structure sizing can be customised to fit any space and their shape options of round, slimline or square means there is a tank to suit and space. Their availability in the full Colorbond colour range means they can also match an architectural paint structure scheme as well. Steel tanks are normally more expensive than plastic tanks.

Bladder Systems offer under deck or house storage solutions when backyard space may not be available. They

Every water tank installation requires a different solution. Through our free on-site consultation service Solar Flow will determine the most suitable and cost effective products to suit each specific job.