Frankston Heat Pump and Solar

This Frankston family doesapproached us to help reduce their electricity bills and offer some advice on as many options as possible. They do not have gas connected to their property and they faced fairly large quarterly electricity bills. With a site visit and thorough assessment we identified the use of resistance electric hot water systems and  halogen downlights to be big contributors to their high daily energy use. A well sized 4kW solar system with Enphase micro-inverters, the retro-fitting of LED down lights and the installation of a highly efficient Sanden heat pump have seen their energy bills drop by 80% in the summer months and about 50% in the winter months. The represents an average yearly saving of over $2,000 and a simple payback of under 5 years. Continued monitoring of their system performance ensures any downtime is detected and allows for season adjustments in water heating activities to take advantage of lower electricity tariffs. The following graphs show their before and after use.



Frankston Sanden Heat Pump 315L