11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sanden Heat Pump

Solar FLow is the leading Sanden heat pump retailer in Melbourne. Contact us and we can show you how you could save up to 80% off your electricity costs using the Sanden Eco Plus heat pumps which are the best performing heat pumps in the market. It is for this reason that Sanden heat pumps are awarded the highest Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) rebates of any heat pump in Australia, which helps to significantly reduce your installation cost.

More and more households in Melbourne are demanding Sanden Eco Plus heat pumps and replacing their old electric hot water heaters with these new generation of heating systems. Some major advantages of Sanden heat pumps are:

  1. Up to 80% reduction in electrical power usage when switching to a Sanden heat pump from an old electric hot water system.
  2. The world leading Japanese design and manufacturing process results in the most efficient hot water heat pump available in Australia.
  3. Virtually noise-free operation at a very low 37dB.
  4. Industry leading warranty period of 15 years on the tank and 6 years on the heat pump.
  5. Almost zero running costs when installed with a solar electricity system and run on a daytime heat cycle to coincide with peak solar output.
  6. In built anti-freeze operation installed so no issues in frost or sub-zero temperatures.
  7. Sanden has made efforts to ensure that parts suppliers have made the replacement parts available all across Australia.
  8. Separate storage tanks and heat pumps enables flexible installation with internal tank locations possible.
  9. Storage tank made with heat insulators so loss of energy is minimal.
  10. Corrosion free material: can be placed in open air or near the sea.
  11. Various ranges of storage tanks available: 160L for small apartments, 250L for households of 2-6 people and 315L for larger households with high water use.

With over 35 years of its operation in Australia, Sanden understands the hot water needs of households here. And in a city like Melbourne the Eco Plus heat pump from Sanden, which offers excellent performance in cooler climates, is the perfect choice. See our Sanden Heat Pump page for more information or click here to view some of our recent installation photos.

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