How It Works

Step 1

Solar Energy Consultation

At this part of the process we engage with you around your solar and cost-saving goals to better understand what you are looking to achieve. At Solar Flow our aim is to create the best home solar power system solution to meet your family’s energy and budgetary needs today and into the future. We take time to get to know your energy consumption patterns in the home and talk about future energy options like battery charging or ownership of an electric car.

Step 2

Detailed Design and Information

We prepare a details assessment of your solar electricity options including maximum system capacity, detailed product breakdown and pricing options including all applicable rebates. We also calculate energy savings, system performance and payback periods (Return on Investment) and based on current energy bills.

Step 3

Installation and grid-connection

Our team of qualified and certified Clean Energy Council installers will carefully construct your system using high quality fittings and electrical componentry. We understand the importance of safety and a quality installation job and we refuse to cut corners at this stage of the process. We want to ensure your system stays operations for the full 10 years of our installation warranty.

Step 4

Grid connection and monitoring

While most people consider the bureaucratic lodgement of paperwork boring we understand the importance of making sure your electricity company knows you have solar power installed and that they are giving you all the solar credits you are entitled to. We also ensure you have the necessary paperwork for all rebate applications and that your system monitoring is working so you can see how much energy you are making!

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