A birds eye view of a 13.2kW single phase residential solar power system

We are very proud to show off this huge 13.2kW single phase residential solar power system. Our clients Robin and Ellie wanted as a big a system as we could fit so they could charge a new electric car and run their fully electric house.

An aerial shot of the SolarEdge DC optimisers with the 10kW SoalrEdge HDWave inverter.

We recommended the highly flexible SolarEdge DC optimisers with the most efficient inverter on the market: a 10kW SoalrEdge HDWave inverter. The DC optimisers come with a massive 25-year warranty, and the HD Wave inverter has a 12-year warranty as standard (which can also be extended out to 25 years).

One happy homeowner

Robin and Ellie selected the Jinko Eagle monocrystalline panels due to their excellent efficiency, reliability and sharp look. One significant advantage of using the SolarEdge inverter and DC optimiser combination for this job was that we could install panels on the east, west and north facing roof pitches, without any string matching issues.

They get shading across some panels at various times of the day, but with the use of the DC optimisers, they were still able to maximise the output of their system with losing any of the three strings. Another great feature of the SolarEdge system is the brilliant reporting via their smart energy meter. We can easily see system output, house consumption and grid-export, which helps us understand the best time to run electrical appliances or charge things like cars or batteries.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the SolarEdge DC optimisers and SoalrEdge HDWave inverter’s, or to get them installed on your home, get in touch.

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