How long do solar batteries last?

LG home battery

Solar batteries typically last 5-15 years, depending on the type of battery you get and how many times you charge and discharge it each day (this is known as a cycle). 

LG home battery

However this doesn’t mean your battery will just stop working after this time. Like your phone or laptop battery, solar batteries slowly degrade over time – the more they’re used, the less of their original capacity they hold.

To understand just how long your solar battery could last, look at its warranty. 

Warranties: what they mean and how long it could last

All batteries come with a warranty which can indicate the minimum length of time you should expect your battery to last. Batteries tend to be warranted for a certain number of years, most commonly 10 years, or for a certain number of cycles – whichever comes first. 

Most households tend to cycle their battery once a day and a warranty measured in years will usually assume this. For example, your battery charges during the day when the sun’s up and you use the electricity stored in it overnight. However if you were to cycle your battery twice a day or more, it would degrade quicker.

Whether you’re getting solar panels installed now or are thinking about adding a battery to your existing system, batteries are a great option to help you boost the amount of solar power you’re using in your home. 

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