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Why Choose Solar Heat Pumps for Hot Water?

Solar heat pumps are an efficient way to generate hot water for your home, using the sun’s energy to heat water which is then stored in a storage tank for later use. This method not only saves money on energy bills but also reduces carbon emissions, making it a green alternative to traditional hot water heaters.

The Benefits of Solar Heat Pumps for Hot Water Heating

  • Cost Savings: Solar domestic hot water domestic heat pumps can significantly reduce your energy bills, as they can use the free solar electricity from your roof and are also significantly more efficient than traditional gas or electric hot water systems.

  • Environmental Impact: By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, solar domestic heat pump hot water systems lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are highly efficient, converting the ambient air temperature into heat via a highly efficient heat exchange process similar to how an air-conditioner works.

Our Range of Solar Heat Pumps

Solar Flow currently offers two trusted and efficient solar heat pumps to suit different household needs and preferences, including:

  • Sanden heat pumps: Offering 250L, 300L and 315L storage capacity, Sanden heat pump water heaters feature new Japanese technology, creating the most efficient and quietest heat pump available on the Australian market.

  • iStore heat pump: The smaller 180L solar hot water unit provides a smaller upfront cost to provide hot water for your home, while still saving on electricity bills.

Understanding Solar Heat Pump Technology

Heat pump technology harnesses the sun’s energy in the form of atmospheric heat to enable your water heater to move that heat via a heat exchanger into your storage tank. The heated water is then stored in an insulated tank, ensuring you have hot water available when you need it.

Installation Process

Our team of expert heat pump hot water installers in Melbourne will handle the entire installation process, from initial consultation to final setup. We ensure a seamless integration of the solar hot water system with your existing water supply, providing you with an efficient and reliable hot water service.

How Solar Heat Pumps Work

  1. Solar PV Panels: Solar panels are installed to capture solar energy from the sun. These panels and the inverter convert sunlight into electricity for use in your home.

  2. Electricity Generation: The electricity generated by the solar panels is used to power the heat pump system during the day. This reduces or eliminates the need for electricity from the grid, making the system more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

  3. Storage Tank: Heated water is stored in an insulated tank, ready for use like a thermal battery. The system is programmed to heat during the day, allowing you to always have access to hot water and making the most of your solar electricity system.

Maximizing Your Solar Heating System

Solar heat pumps can often be integrated with existing heating and cooling systems, providing a supplementary or primary source of energy, depending on the system design and energy needs.

Benefits of Utilising a Heat Pump Hot Water System

  • Energy Savings: Reduced electricity bills due to the use of free solar energy.

  • Environmental Impact: Lower carbon footprint due to reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Versatility: Provides both heating for domestic hot water and can be used by hydronic space heating as well.

  • Renewable Energy Utilization: Efficiently uses renewable energy, contributing to sustainability.

Why Solar Flow?

  • Expertise: As a leading solar heat pump hot water installer in Melbourne, we have the knowledge and experience to provide high-quality installations.

  • Quality Products: We use only the best heat pump hot water heaters and components from reputable manufacturers.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer service ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Government Rebates and Incentives

In addition to STC rebates that are included in your solar water heater installation with Solar Flow, government incentives such as the Solar Victoria rebate can help make the switch to solar even more affordable. Check out the SolarVic eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.

Heat Pump Hot Water vs. Traditional Systems

Comparing heat pump hot water systems to traditional electric or gas water heaters reveals significant advantages, including lower operating costs, reduced environmental impact, and greater energy independence.

Get Started with Heat Pumps from Solar Flow Today

Contact Solar Flow, your expert solar hot water installer in Melbourne, to learn more about our solar hot water solutions and how we can help you achieve energy efficiency and savings.


Leveraging the advantages of both solar energy and heat pump technology with Solar Flow is a smart choice for Melbourne homeowners looking to save money, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy reliable hot water year-round. With our expertise and quality solar solutions, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers below who have chosen to integrate solar heat pumps with their solar energy systems and are enjoying the benefits of reduced energy bills and reliable hot water supply.

This is what our customers say about our work

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"Extremely happy with the service, product and price. What a great team, on time and efficient also very helpful with claiming our rebates. Well done Solarflow! I have already started recommending your business"
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Solar Flow - fantastic service and follow through on the installation of our solar panels. Their feedback and knowledge of products is awesome. Friendly team and professional installation.
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I was given a personal reference to use this company. This company is socially aware. After talking on the phone, I knew this was the company for me. They were knowlegable, honest and helpful. They asked me questions about my property, my electricity consumption and my expectations of having solar panels. They explained the pros and cons of different panels and pointed out the benefit of a really good converter. I'm not familiar with the bits and pieces of solar, but I didn't have to worry, because everything was explained in a way that I could understand. An installation date was set and they arrived when they said they would. They were prompt and professional. They worked quickly and I had my system up to go in two days. They were polite and friendly. They cleaned up after themselves. They contacted me two weeks after the installation to see if I was happy with how the system was going and if I had any questions. I would very highly recommend Solar Flow.
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The experience of installing solar panels using solar flow has been excellent. Their communication and explanations enabled my understanding and had it be an easy process. They were very accessible and reliable. I am happy to recommend them.
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The team did a fantastic job advising us and then installing our solar PV system. The work was done efficiently and to spec, and we're delighted with the results. That follows on from work Alex and his team did installing our heat pump water heater in 2018. The panels now run the heat pump, saving us power bills and cutting our household CO2 emissions. Cannot recommend highly enough.
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"Solar Flow provided quality workmanship, were patient with our many questions, and extremely helpful with the documentation required. Their attention to detail was outstanding. Alex, Tim and Angus were professional and friendly in every aspect of their work. Along with solar panels we also had installed a Sanden hot water system."
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"Solar Flow energy was great to deal with. We had an urgent need to replace our old system and they were very efficient and accommodating in getting it replaced quickly. There was great communication throughout and the staff were knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant and professional. "
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"The experience of installing solar panels using solar flow has been excellent. Their communication and explanations enabled my understanding and had it be an easy process. They were very accessible and reliable. I am happy to recommend them."

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