What should you be looking for in a solar quote?

If you’ve decided to get a solar system for your house, the first step is to do your research and get a few quotes. But what makes a good solar quote and what should you look for when choosing a solar system installer?

Site visits vs satellite mapping tools

Getting a quote for a solar system is about more than just the number of panels you can overlay onto your roof. Your installer should design the system specifically for your home’s location on the block with regards to other buildings or structures that may shade the system. They should also take into account not only your roof (size, material, orientation, shading, etc) but also your existing electrical infrastructure to identify any upgrade requirements or high voltage issues you may currently be experiencing.

Satellite mapping technology can’t give you this kind of insight, which is why having an installer come to your home to evaluate these things and pick up anything unexpected is invaluable. 

Exploring your current & future energy needs

Your solar system won’t only be designed to fit your home’s physical features, it also needs to cater for your current and future energy needs. 

Are you a single person living by yourself, or do you live in a big house with a pool and three kids? Will your energy usage grow in the next few years? Perhaps you’re saving up for an electric car or planning to add a battery to your solar system down the track?

A good solar installer will take into account your future energy plans as well as your current usage to design a solar system that fits you. So it pays to have an expert out to have a face-to-face conversation about your energy usage, look at your energy bills with you and discuss your plans for the future.

A relationship between customer and installer

A site visit is also a great way to meet one of our installation team.

Having a face-to-face meeting will allow you to start building a relationship with your installer. Trust is key – it’s important you feel that you can rely on them for ongoing support. After all, if anything goes wrong with your solar system down the track, your installer will be your first port of call. 

Quality products and expertise

Once the site visit is complete and your energy needs are understood, your installer will design your solar system. 

Your quote should include a detailed drawing of the system, including the location of the panels and inverter. Like many household appliances, there are a range of solar panel and inverter brands available in the market that vary in quality and price. Look for an installer that gives you plenty of product options. 

The quote: what should be included

The quote itself should detail out a few key things:

  • Business details (name, ABN, address, accreditation, etc)
  • Products used
  • Warranties (both product and performance warranties)
  • Total price (including any applicable rebates, travel costs, etc)
  • Solar system plan
  • Energy yield estimates 
  • Terms & conditions

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