Using the sun to heat up your hot water is one of the most efficient uses of natural resources. And in a country like Australia, it just makes sense.

Solar Flow will work closely with you to understand your needs, and tailor a solution to provide year-round solar hot water, while reducing your energy cost and impact on the environment.

Make the best use of the sun’s energy with Solar Flow. Our promise is to provide quality solar hot water systems in a cost-effective solution that really suits your needs.

How It Works

Product Options

There are many different product options for Solar Hot Water systems and ensuring you choose the right system with a quality installation is an important first step. Through personal consultation Solar Flow will tailor a system to suit your hot water needs and help save you money on ever increasing energy costs.

Some of the systems that we think are the ‘bees knees’ are listed below. They have made the list due to their quality, efficiency, extended warranty and ease of installation.

Evacuated Tubes

Endless Solar: Evacuated tubes have been considered the best option in the Melbourne solar market for many years. And one of the premium providers of evacuated tubes and stainless steel tanks is Endless Solar. Coupled with Bosch boosters they make for a fantastically efficient high end system.

Solar Lord: If you are after a flexible system that integrates patented U tube technology with versatile mounting options a Solar Lord system might be the one for you. With small tank options to suit inner-Melbourne houses and highly efficient Rinnai boosters contact us to discuss whether a Solar Lord system is perfect for your hot water needs.

Apricus: A household name now for many years in the evacuated tube market Apricus have been providing Australia with reliable, cost effective solar hot water systems. They feature industry leading warranties and are backed up by a full time support team constantly seeking to improve their product offerings.

Flat Plate Panels

Rinnai: Flat panel solar hot water units that are perfectly suited to the Melbourne climate and are made in Australia with a stainless steel storage tank.

Rebate Information

There are generous rebates still available for people installing solar hot water systems in Victoria. Rebates vary in amount depending on the type of system you are replacing i.e. gas hot water or electric hot water but the total rebates offered on solar hot water systems usually come in between $1,200 – $1,900

The rebates in Victoria fit into two categories: STCs and VEECs.

STCs are applicable on al new hot water systems as well as retro-fitted systems in Australia.

VEECs are on applicable on retro-fitted hot water systems and are a administered by the Victorian government.

Solar Flow provides all rebates as a point of sale discount and ensures your paperwork is minimal Please contact us to get the most up to date information on the value of your rebates and any regulatory changes.

Recent Projects

Apricus 30 Tubes Flush Mounted :
Sunpower Design have been building energy efficient homes in Victoria for over 20 years and when it comes to solar hot water systems they only specify the Apricus system. On this 8 Star Rated house an Apricus 30 Tube gas boosted system replaces an old electric resistance system. The solar hot water system is expected to save the owner 75% on their hot water heating energy use or about $600 a year. Installation location: St Kilda.

30 Tubes Flush Moun On Colorbond Roof
The owners of this beautiful architect designed house wanted a system that was highly efficient that also looked good on their new roof. The Apricus gas boosted solar hot water system with 30 flush mounted tubes and 15 year tube and manifold warranty gave them piece of mind, up to 8 months of free hot water a year, and it looks great! Installation location: Mitcham.

Dormana solar panel installation :
When the owners of this Vineyard came to use with a request to help we jumped at the opportunity to install an 1,890 Litre with 270 evacuated tubes and LPG backup. Monitoring of this system has seen a recorded drop of LPG gas use on the site of 67% over a 12 month period. The solar compliments their high summer and autumn hot water use with significant solar contributions when they need it most. Installation location: Dromana.