Jinko Solar Panel Installation

Let us show you how Jinko solar panels can save you money, give you more energy independence and cut your carbon footprint.

We install Jinko Solar Panels across Melbourne

  • Quality - Jinko Panels are an industry leading product, with Tier 1 status and almost two decades experience in production. They are Australia's most popular solar panels, providing a top ranked product with local sales and support.

  • Affordability - Jinko Solar panels are an affordable option without any loss in quality or performance. They are an outstanding combination of peak performance and approachable prices.

  • Reliability - Jinko panels come with a full 12 year product warranty and a huge 25 year performance warranty. JinkoSolar has many years experience in manufacturing panels you can trust. Solar Flow is proud to be a registered installer of such high quality and reliable panels.

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Why choose Jinko?

Top Quality, Reliable & Great Value

With over 15 years of materials and manufacturing expertise under their belts, JinkoSolar has developed its solar panels to be industry-leading panels with Tier 1 status at affordable price ranges.

The most popular solar panel in Australia, JinkoSolar’s panels have been delivering greater reliability and durability since 2009. They’re backed up by an excellent 25-year performance warranty and come with a modern stylish finish that looks good on the roof.

Jinko solar panels are monocrystalline panels that have been engineered for performance with robust and flexible cell connection technology. Their latest Tiger models are an even greater improvement on their already top-ranking standard.

Jinko panels deliver reliable output in Melbourne's weather conditions. They are an efficient panel that maximises every inch of their sleek dimensions, so you can be sure that you get a powerful energy system on your roof.

At Solar Flow, we know the importance of choosing solar panels that will deliver powerful performance and reliable energy savings over the long term. With Jinko solar panels, you get unparalleled performance and exceptional value.

Combined, our crew has decades of experience and expertise in residential and commercial solar installation. From our initial energy consultation to the day of your install, we’re with you every step of the way to guide your choices and help you maximise your return on your solar investment.

Together, Jinko and Solar Flow can save you thousands of dollars on energy over the life of your solar system. And with Solar Flow, you get monitoring and protection on your solar panels so you know your system is protected for the long term.

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Adding Jinko Panels with us is easy
We’ll guide you through the entire process

  • 1

    Solar energy consultation

    We’ll discuss your solar and cost-saving goals to better understand what you are looking to achieve. We’ll explain what Jinko solar panels can offer you and assess whether they’re the best fit for you and your home. Our aim is to design a solution to meet your family’s energy and budgetary needs today and into the future.

  • 2

    Detailed design and information

    We prepare a detailed assessment of your solar electricity options. This includes system size, layout and products such as Jinko panels. Based on your energy bills, we’ll also calculate your potential energy savings, system performance and payback periods (Return on Investment).

  • 3

    Installation and grid connection

    Our team of qualified and certified Clean Energy Council installers will construct your solar system using high quality fittings and electrical componentry. This is when your Jinko solar panels are installed on your roof. Safety and quality are our number one priority so we do not cut corners.

  • 4

    Grid connection and monitoring

    We’ll make sure your electricity company knows you’ve installed a solar system and that they’re giving you all the solar credits you’re entitled to. We’ll also double check that your system monitoring is working so you can see how much energy you’re making!

Customer feedback

  • Lynne Tolmay

    “I was given a personal reference to use this company. This company is socially aware. After talking on the phone, I knew this was the company for me. They were knowlegable, honest and helpful. They asked me questions about my property, my electricity consumption and my expectations of having solar panels. They explained the pros and cons of different panels and pointed out the benefit of a really good converter. I’m not familiar with the bits and pieces of solar, but I didn’t have to worry, because everything was explained in a way that I could understand. An installation date was set and they arrived when they said they would. They were prompt and professional. They worked quickly and I had my system up to go in two days. They were polite and friendly. They cleaned up after themselves. They contacted me two weeks after the installation to see if I was happy with how the system was going and if I had any questions. I would very highly recommend Solar Flow.”

  • Annette

    “Extremely happy with the service, product and price. What a great team, on time and efficient also very helpful with claiming our rebates. Well done Solarflow! I have already started recommending your business”

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