Sanden have done it again!

Early last month, and without much fanfare, Sanden quietly release an updated version of their very successful Eco Plus domestic hot water unit onto the Australian market.

The new Eco Plus domestic hot water unit has a new improved energy output of 4.99kW (up from 4.5kW)

The ‘Version 2’ Most of the changes have very little impact on the new unit and are just more or less little design tweaks to the production line. While they have still maintained their whisper quite operating level of 37dB and it still comes with the same 15-year tank and 6-year heat pump parts and labour warranties, they also now have  a new improved energy output of 4.99kW (up from 4.5kW) achieved with an energy input of only 0.84kW which is down on the 0.9kW from the last model of the Eco Plus. This has seen Version 2’s coefficient of performance jump from 5.0 to 5.9 which is a staggering increase on what was already Australia’s most efficient heat pump, which is great for consumers.

So if you have been considering updating your old hold water system to take advantage of the Victorian Government Solar Hot Water rebate of $1,000, or have been looking at replacing your old inefficient electric or gas hot water system, get in touch with us to see if the Sanden heat pump would be right for you.

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