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Heat Pumps

Brand new Sanden Eco Plus model now availables:

  • Increase in the efficiency of the unit to a coefficient of performance of 5.0, making it still Australia’s best heat pump.
  • Increased in the heat pump warranty to an industry leading 6 years, with a 15 year tank warranty.
  • New higher STC rebates available.

We use Sanden, the leaders in energy efficient hot water systems.

  • Solar Flow is an authorised premium dealer of the Sanden heat pump and we are backed up by their market leading warranties.

  • The use of innovative Japanese technology delivers the most efficient hot water heat pump available on the Australian market.

  • The Sanden heat pumps operate down to minus 10 degrees so even on the coldest winter's day in Melbourne it still delivers water at a stunning 65 degrees without the use of any backup electrical element.

How It Works

Solar Flow is Melbourne’s leading and most experienced accredited retailer and installer of Sanden hot water heat pumps. Whether you’re looking for a quality hot water heat pump for your new home, or looking to replace an old inefficient electric or gas hot water system, Solar Flow and Sanden can save you up to 80% on your hot water bills. Sanden uses the latest Japanese engineering and manufacturing technologies in their heat pump and their products will be a long-term money saving fixture for your home.

We are also proud to announce that we have the brand new Sanden Eco Plus model now exclusively available.


With an increase in operating efficiency and an industry-leading 15 year tank and 6 year heat pump warranty, this product has now widened the performance gap even further on the rest of the heat pump market.

Installation of your Sanden heat pump can be arranged immediately across Melbourne metro and regional areas.

Contact us via the website or drop us a line on 1300931424 to discuss benefits of owning the Sanden Eco Plus with a hot water specialist today.

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